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Big Dipper Collection

Big Dipper Collection


If you're a fan of flavorful bread dipping options, this bundle is right for you! This collection contains 3 of our best sellers and, when you purchase this bundle you automatically save 20% as opposed to buying each item individually! 

Included in this collection...


Balsamic and Herb Dipping Sauce 

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil blended with 3 Leaf Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy. This convenient oil and vinegar blend is ideal for bread dipping and also can be used as a salad dressing. Packed in a tall slender Italian glass 12.7 oz. bottle.


Double Garlic Olive Oil 

As some of our other products may indicate, we love garlic. During a routine infusion of Garlic and Olive Oil, we discovered the more garlic we added, the better the end product became. Thus, Double Garlic Oil was born. Absolutely phenomenal as a cooking oil. 8.5 oz bottle.


Big Sur Gourmet Bread Dipper 

Big Sur Gourmet Bread Dipper - an awesome blend of seasonings and sea salt - great with olive oil as a dipper or on garlic bread! 3oz tin

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