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Chocolate Treat Collection

Chocolate Treat Collection


This collection contains all of our chocolate treats, 5 sensational sweets that will please everyone's sweetie. 


Tiramisu Chocolate Caramels

This Italian dessert favorite is blended with creamy caramel, double dunked in Guittard chocolate and lightly dusted in cocoa powder. 6 oz tube.


Port Wine Chocolate Jerk Nuggets

Creamy caramel, double dunked in chocolate, then lightly dusted in cocoa powder and Jamaican Jerk seasoning. Pairs very well with the natural sweetness of Port Wine. 6 oz. tube. Sweet heat, spicy flavor.


Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Slow roasted espresso beans dipped in a dark chocolate for a rich, mellow flavor. Double the caffeine. Excellent burst of energy. 6 oz tube.


Cabernet Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Dried blueberries are drizzled with real Cabernet Sauvignon wine and then given a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate. A special Cabernet blueberry coating is applied to give them a dazzling eye appeal. Tied with our cherries for the title of most popular candy we offer. 6.5 oz. tube.


Pinot Noir Chocolate Covered Cherries

The finest plump pitted Bing cherries marinated in real Pinot Noir wine, then gently dried to a tart tenderness and double-dipped in a premium Guittard chocolate. Very rich. Tied for the title of "Most Popular Candy" alongside our blueberries. What's your favorite? 6.5 oz. tube.

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