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Pepper Plant Starter Pack

Pepper Plant Starter Pack


***This bundle will automatically save you 30% over retail***

Pepper Plant Pepper Sauce was developed by a lover of spicy peppers who wanted to enjoy their unique taste year round. Pepper Plant quickly became a favorite of the California Central Coast.

Now you can buy a favorite of the California Central Coast to try in your home with this Pepper Plant Starter Pack! 


In this collection...


Pepper Plant Original California Style Pepper Sauce

Peppers blended with just the right amount of spice to create a “hot sauce with flavor”. The perfect addition to your soups and sauces as well as a wonderful seasoning for potatoes, eggs, salsas, pizza or any food requiring some “zing”!


Pepper Plant Chipotle Sauce

Smoked peppers combined with spices make for the unique flavor of our Chipotle Sauce. Great as a BBQ sauce, steak sauce, marinade or salad dressing.


Pepper Plant Chunky Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce

Our Original California Style Hot Pepper Sauce with added chunky pieces of garlic. The perfect combination of spice and garlic makes the perfect garlic lover’s hot sauce.



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