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Creative Uses for Bloody Mary Mix!

Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix is one of the best we’ve tried, and we’ve had our fair share of Bloody Mary’s and Bloody Maria’s (Mary’s tequila-fueled cousin). It’s a spicy, peppery, zesty, and tomato-y combination, extremely tasty too. Which got us thinking… What other tricks can Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix perform?

Did you know that Bloody Mary Mix can stand in for tomato juice in recipes? We found out, in the most delicious way possible, when we used it as one of the main ingredients in Gazpacho! Add hearty splash of Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix to your combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and (for those Gazpacho aficionados) bread for super savory results.

Did you know that Bloody Mary Mix can work as a marinade? It is a well-seasoned mix of acid and seasoning, all ready to go! Combine your Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix with an equal amount of your favorite EVOO (we love using either the Double Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Basil-Infused Olive Oil) and pour over your favorite proteins or veggies. Bloody Mary Chicken Kebabs are a personal favorite!

Did you know that Bloody Mary Mix is a wonderful way to infuse an extra dose of flavor? Absolutely! We love splashing some Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix into all sorts of fresh, tomato-based recipes. Crafting a Cinco de Mayo celebration? Use some of the mix to zest-up your pico de gallo, add a glug to your Micheladas, or, best of all, elevate your ceviches with a dash or two of Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix.

Looking for a more traditional way to use Gil’s Bloody Mary Mix? Check out these recipes for further inspiration…

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