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Hawaiian Holiday Feast

Made famous in 1950 by Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters, “Mele Kalikimaka” is so much more than just a Merry Christmas catchphrase.

Before Protestant missionaries introduced the concept of Christmas, Hawaiians were already in a festive mood this time of year. The festival, Makahiki, is a 4-month long event! A celebration that kicks off around late-October or early-November when the constellation Makali’i (Pleiades) appears in the twilight sky. It is a time of peace, plenty, relaxation, fun, and feasting.

We are all about a good feast! To honor the season of Makahiki, we wanted to share some of our favorite seasonal Hawaiian recipes. Tasty goodies that can easily transform your holiday faire from winter wonderland to tropical paradise.

Adobo is Filipino, but like all ethnic food in Hawaii, it gets mixed and jumbled (in a good and delicious way) and eventually becomes a delicious, local favorite. This recipe uses bone-in turkey thighs and legs for a slight twist on the classic, utilizing a protein (turkey) that’s prolific this time of year.

Somen salad is a chilled noodle dish adorned with oodles of toppings; ham (we like using leftover honey-baked ham), cucumbers, eggs, carrots, radish, scallions, etc… Somen salad is so popular in Hawaii, you’ll see it everywhere! School cafeterias, Costco, and even 7-Eleven has a version. We love this addition for our Mele Kalikimaka menu as a tasty side dish or post gift-giving snack. It pairs well with our Turkey Adobo as well as the Loco Moco, listed below.

Loco Moco is an awesome option for those looking for a slightly more casual holiday meal. Layers of love make up Loco Moco. According to legend, the loco moco originated from the Big Island and has since then become a popular dish to Hawaii. It consists of a well seasoned hamburger patty, a sunny-side up egg, steamed rice, and a savory mushroom-onion gravy.

Passion fruit might be an uncommon and unfamiliar item for many consumers outside of Hawaii. But the sweet, astringent flavor is refreshing and complex, and pairs with everything from olive oil, cream, and almonds! Chiffon pie is known for it’s airy, fluffy filling. This passion fruit chiffon pie is sweet-tart with a delightfully flaky olive oil crust seasoned with toasted almonds.

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