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Our Favorite Pizza Toppings

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Who doesn't love pizza!?! And to celebrate everyone's favorite food, we've gathered all of our favorite toppings so you can have a truly (Gil's) gourmet pizza experience.

Olives are a classic topper. Although, many pizza enthusiasts may not be aware of the hidden flavor potential olives provide.

Spicy Factor . Turn up the heat by incorporating olives stuffed with spicy peppers. Meaty pizzas love some spice (pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon). Super cheesy pizzas play this nice ying and yang when it comes to heat. As the spice perks up the cheese mellows out every bite.

Salty Balance . Rich white pizzas, those heavy on the cheese or on the cream, would benefit from a briney boost. A nice little salty twang to cut through the heaviness.

No Need to Stand Alone . Cheese has that max factor when it comes to constructing the perfect pie. Mozz, ricotta, parm, pecorino and provolone bring a lot to the table but are relatively neutral in flavor. Using an olive stuffed with a zestier cheese will certainly perk up any pizza. Vermouth Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives, Feta Stuffed Olives or Garlic Pepperjack Olives.

Spice Blends can be deployed as a super secret pizza ingredient, adding pops of flavor without overcrowding with toppings.

Mangia Mangia. Our bread dipper has a hearty blend of Italian herbs and spices. Leveling up the flavor of any classic Neapolitan pizza. Big Sur Gourmet Bread Dipper.

See Food, Seafood. A relative newcomer to the topping game, seafood. A delicious addition; salmon, shrimp, crab or lobster... the perfect gourmet pizza ingredient. Season your seafood pizza well with our Big Sur Gourmet Seafood Rub.

Meet a more flavorful Meat . Meaty mains are gaining in popularity as a pizza topper. Think pulled pork, seared steak, ground beef, sausages...all of which need just a little bit of seasoning to make each stand out. Our Big Sur Cowboy Rub fits the bill perfectly.

Salt, for sure. A little sprinkle of salt can change a bland pizza into a bang-a-rang pie. San Fran Sea Salt is our favorite salty sprinkle.

Olive Oils and Flavored Oils are what the professionals use to add flavor to their pizza recipes and gourmet menus.

Traditional EVOO . This is the classic drizzled topper used to enhance and brighten the existing pizza ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil adds earthy depth and little pops of pepper. Perfect for veggie or charcuterie forward pies. California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Gourmet Glamor . Truffles are the pinnacle of gourmet culinary ingredients. Chefs love the nutty and mushroomy flavor truffles add to dishes and pizzas present the perfect canvas. White Truffle Oil and Black Truffle Oil.

Drizzle of Deliciousness. Flavored oils can add that missing piece to pizza pies and really make all the ingredients pop.

Spicy oils can add a little heat as well as flavor. Like our Habanero Tequila Olive Oil. Taco pizza anyone?

Oils using traditional Italian ingredients will just further elevate any classic pizza. Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Double Garlic Olive Oil.

Think outside the pizza box by using unusual ingredients. Sauces & Spreads can make for some truly transformative pizza.

Takeout @ Home . California Pizza Kitchen introduced the world to the glory that is BBQ pizza. Recreate this iconic pie at home. Chipotle Roasted Garlic Grille Sauce.

So Salsa Satisfying . Salsa can easily be used in place of pizza sauce or marinara for a 'south of the border' themed pizza. Taco themed, burrito pizza, nacho name it! Simply Zinful Mild Salsa or Simply Zinful Hot Salsa.

Surprisingly Zesty. Mustard is a surprising ingredient for a pizza, uniquely zesty and can round out an otherwise one-note pizza. Perfect with toppings like bacon, bleu cheese, ham and charcuterie. Roasted Garlic Champagne Mustard or Champagne Jalapeno Mustard.

Top'd Tapenade. Tapenades are a great spread and equally fun as a pizza topper. Perfect partner with fancy cheese focused pizzas or even brunch-themed pies with bacon and eggs. Green Olive Tapenade, Artichoke & Olive Tapenade or Black Olive Tapenade.

Tell us how you like to top your pizza? We'd love to hear about your creative culinary capabilities! Looking to recreate some of these delicious ideas? Be sure to stock up at our online store.

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